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Max Sportelli has studied jazz at that Victorian College Of The Arts Melbourne, and has been performing live for over 20 years. Since moving up to the Sunshine Coast he is currently teaching, recording and playing with local musicians such as:

Gaia the band
Bob Abott
Manic Suade
Missy Higgins
Doc Span
Grand Wazoo
Jimmy Cupples
Hari Bandhu
Crazy Haus
James Blundell
Dave Higgins
Chaka Chan
Renae Suttie
RPM Project
Clint Francis
Jack Pantasis
The Green Machine
Graham Lyal
l Yemanja (Brazillian)
Tony Gould
Angela Limura (Jazz/Brazillian)
Bob Sedergreen (Jazz)
Jamie Clark (Jazz)
Normie Rowe (Cabaret)
Carl Lynch (Contemporary)
Doug De Vries ( Brazillian)
Jason Machado (Brazillian)
The Drifters (soul)
The Far East All Stars Jazz Ensemble
Tim Gaze (Blues)
Geoff Achinson (Blues)

Studies Include
King Marong (African Master Drummer)
Barry Quinn (Melb Syn Orchestra)
David Jones (Melb Jazz)
Virgil Donati (USA Clinician)
Frank Corniola ( Melb Clinician)
Graham Morgan (Melb Jazz)
Peter Blick (Melb Clinician)